My name is Vivian Meyers and I am thrilled to introduce myself as your microblading teacher. Over the years, I have developed a deep passion for this exciting field and am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with each and every one of you.

As a microblading teacher, my goal is to train you with the skills to effectively & quickly make you a microblading artist. Whether you are a beginner looking to dip your toes into this career or an experienced artist seeking to enhance your craft , I am here to guide you every step of the way.

I am AAM certified and I have performed 6k+ procedures and taught over 100 students. I bring a unique perspective to the training course. I believe that almost everybody can learn microblading with the proper training and practice.

Throughout the course, I aim to create a supportive and interactive learning environment where we can share tips, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes.

I am confident that by the end of this course, you will become a certified microblading artist. Upon achieving certification, I provide an additional six months of online support that truly sets you up for success. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and make the most of this craft!

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and helping you unlock the endless possibilities of a microblading career!

Best regards,

Vivian Meyers